Computer implementation has changed the most traditional occupations agriculture. There are significant yield are reported in crops by using the modern computer technologies. Precision agriculture needs computer and computer added solutions for farm management. The crop production and data collection from farm has made easy by computer.

Today agriculture is based on weather forecasting. Weather forecasting in agriculture is more than just a scientific curiosity. Having the advantage of knowing in advance the atmospheric conditions for a specific location can save your crops, protect your property and save your life in extreme situations.

As a result farm owners and operators in general are becoming more and more interested in services that tailor weather forecasts to their particular needs. Such methods maximize the profit and net farm income.

In modern agriculture, soil testing is the most important practice to manage fertilizer application and crop production. Without soil testing, it is very difficult to ensure the right application of fertilizers for the crop and get the optimum yield.

Monitors soil health properties such as pH, EC and OC, which affect nutrient availability to crops and thereby yields and profitability

The importance of soil testing has been in existence since the early years. Different types of soils and variation in soil properties are important factors to note in farming. Soil texture, soil moisture, and soil chemistry are determinants of what crops can be grown and how much yield the farm can produce.

The current generation puts more pressure on the soil than ever before. There is a need for fertile soils to produce yields that will feed the world’s ever-growing population. Improved soil health implies more crops, potentially closing the world’s food security issues. This will eventually bring a better life to millions of people. Soil testing is the first step in soil management. The activity gives farmers valuable information that helps them improve the soil’s health; healthy soils eventually imply healthy crops.

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