Nearly every health care system use computer for analysis and diagnostic of the disease. It has minimized the long waiting lab results time which normally require months, weeks or days just to a fraction of time.

Health care professional use computer software to examine a patient and monitor readings like blood pressure and heart rate. When it comes to medical imaging the significance of computer technology in the health sector is actually unquestionable. The 3-D imaging of brain, heart and different parts of the body are made possible by the computer technology.

Computer has made possible the best mammography image analysis. In mammography the doctors can see the early sign of breast censer in patients.

Endoscopy, ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound images are analyzed on computer system. Computer shows the direct images to patients and doctors for better understanding and findings.

Computers now can control lab equipment, blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, and other important medical equipment, as well as notify staff if something is not right. In some cases, computers can aid doctors in procedures, making situations more safe and convenient for both the patient and the personnel.

Computer play pivot role in the prediction of disease out breast. Computer is the essential of genetic synthesis and genetic data analysis. Today medical simulation and drug discoveries are just because of computer.

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